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Others may specify clip art as any picture used on a pc. The definition of clip art Would Be flexible, but US copyright laws apply to all picture types equally the right of legal usage is dependent on the intent of the copyright proprietor. Professional graphic designers Need to draw the line between clip art that Is legit and clip art that might result in legal troubles.

Here are the typical legal classes and definitions for clip art images that graphic designers use daily. Free Pictures are good for personal use such as scrapbooking, but if you don't know the original origin and the website owner's reason for giving clip art free away, you hazard downloading unlabeled, copyrighted images accidentally. Legal small company use for free clip art images is not easy to identify because the initial source is obscure, so free clip art images aren't suggested for company use. Published clip art categorizes every picture you see on-line or in print. Sometimes it's hard to find the source of these pictures, but if you wish to use the picture commercially, you must get permission.

Contact the publisher or publisher to learn the source of a given clip art picture, then do your homework to discover if it's readily available for commercial usage. If you cannot track the image to its source, look elsewhere for clip art images with clear origins. Legally, you cannot even copy a picture of a Disney character to make your own very own personal T shirt. The term Stock Images refers to full page illustrations, typically with full colour backgrounds, or to photographs. Some see stock Pictures as more category specific and less affordable than clip art packages. The web is a popular source for royalty free stock images, many web sites act as exchange posts for artists, photographers and designers.

Photographers can post Pictures for sale and designers can buy the right to use images for a little fee, sometimes as little as $1 each. Even though there isn't a clear dividing line between clip art and stock images, legal use for both image types is the same. You might purchase royalty free clip art and stock images on disks to usage without restriction, commercially and privately-on company cards, web sites, personal scrapbooks and projects. The only purpose you can't use royalty free images for is to start your very own clip art business, you don't have the right to resell or rent the clip art to others.

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